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Are you thinking to become a civil engineer Then this is for you the complete guide to civil engineering.

  • What does a Civil Engineer do?

Civil engineering is an important and learned profession. civil engineering performs planning of the building, foundation depth, width, Number of columns, height of the column, depth of The Beam, perpendicular of walls, foundation soil, concrete operations, sizes of all the structural units in a building with all architectural design and site inspection at every level during mixing, placing, transporting and curing and all finishing operations

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Civil engineering
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Before Giving a career Advice I want to question you that you are interested in this path with your own interest or Someone Suggested you about this if, Someone suggested you and you don`t have any interest then this path is not for you “WHAT MATTERS IS YOUR INTEREST”

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Civil engineering planing

A career decision is one of the most important decisions in everyone’s life it determines what you will be in the future and also your financial status. You have to be very determined about what you gonna be in life. If you are not understanding what to do? or You have interested in two or more fields?
and you have to pick one of them only The answer is very simple to Follow what you are much interested in. Civil Engg is also a good choice 
As I am a Civil engineer (junior) The Career is very very Bright. If you want To Become one of them you should Develop Certain Skills which will be developed automatically in you.
This Field Requires only Interest and Efforts to put in to become a Professional Civil engineer
There are two ways to start from:
1)After PUC 2nd year
2)After SSLC through Diploma 
We will Discuss about higher education further. Civil engineering is an evergreen field and its lifelong study As the trends, Design and the expectations of the society, community changes year by year we should also be updating our knowledge It is also essential for a civil engineer to keep on developing the skills and the learning process.
Civil Engineering is a vast field You can master any of the following civil engineering fields:

  • Structural engineers 
  • Surveyor 
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Transportation
  • Hydraulic Structures
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Buildings Etc.
After you complete your engineering you can do either of them
  • Start your own business
  • Private Job
  • Government Job


Civil engineering Scope

As we Know civil engineering is an evergreen field and endless So, The scope is always there right from a local shed to taj mahal. Some say there is no scope But it is actually a wrong concept in their mind For them ill give an example:

 *Buildings are rebuilt again and again in 20-30 years as the expectations of the people, community, society changes and they will be either renovate or rebuild depending upon there choice .therefore Listen there is scope in civil engineering and it will Continue.

Perhaps you have that skillset in you, the jobs follow the money follows you only when you have that knowledge and skills Again,If your Relative or a friend as failed don`t even bother they have not reached the level of the industry which industry is accepting from them 
I am an civil engineer I have completed my diploma in civil engineer and also I am a Constructor dealing with lots of projects Also Visit: About me and say tuned with me for civil knowledge


Civil engineering jobs

Watch the video for better understanding: 
Jobs are rising year by year only who have studied seriously and developed the skills as there is raise of many private colleges the input and output of civil engineers is very very high nowadays don’t worry about that, you have to be the best and rest is your future there are many private jobs and also government jobs are available but it’s difficult to get that post and also you can start a private business is also there in this field


salary of a civil engineer may vary from region to regions and country to country there is no specific salary but in India, it depends upon the qualification, experience, skills your, mindset, etc
As a fresher, you may get 20-25k
With 2-3 year experience 30 – 40k approximately
With a 5 year experience, you may get around 50 – 70k

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4)Higher studies after civil engineering:

  • Mtech (After BE 2 years)
  • MS     (Study in outside the country)
  • Ph.D. (After Mtech 2 years)
Civil engineering guide

Civil engineering is a lifelong study in your particular chosen field
But according to me for further studies like Mtech, MS, Ph.D. is good the higher the studies the higher the standard and respect as well as the salary

Pro tip: don’t run behind jobs money develop the mindset and the required skills this will run behind you
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Civil engineering guides

Now i hope u have complete information about career, jobs, studies, scope etc
for more info go here: Civil engineering

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