Types Of Glass Treatment

What Are The Types Of Glass Treatments:

Have you ever questioned, however, is glass made?

The glass – float glass as we all know – is factory-made by the PPG method. This method was fancied by Sir Alistair Pilkington in 1952 and is that the hottest and wide used a method that describes the way to create this for architectural purposes in the world today.

The following are the types of glass treatments:

(1) Bending 
(2) Cutting
(3) Opaque making
( 4) Silvering

Corridor of modern building with glass walls

(I) Bending of glass:

It should be bent into the desired form by inserting it in ovens in which temperature will be regulated. It is the form of rods, sheets, or tubes is placed in such ovens and heated. Then it is bent once it is suitably heated.

(2) Cutting:

It is cut in needed sizes with the assistance of diamond or rough glasses or tiny wheels of hardened steel.

 3) Opaque making:

It can even create opaque or colorfast to light-weight. This was done by grinding the glass surface with minerals. It c\i.n even be achieved with chemicals by the appliance of hydrate fluoric acid.

( 4) Silvering:

Applying a really skinny coat of silver is deposited on this layer then applied to provide protection. This process consists of tin on the surface of the tin. A suitable paint is against atmospheric effects.

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so guys, I hope you completely understood the types of treatment for glass. If u have any doubt you can comment.

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