Different Types of Tiles for various purposes – civillearners

Different Types of Tiles for various purposes – civillearners

Definition of tiles:

Tiles are used for various purposes in the building industry. They are thinner than bricks and hence, should be carefully handled to avoid any damage to them.

Types of tiles:

Depending upon the use to which tiles are put, the following are their different types: 

1) Drain tiles and
2) Floor tiles.
3) Roof tiles.

1) Drain tiles:

Drain tiles are prepared and manufactured in such a way that they should retain Porosity(porous texture) after the process of burning. Hence, when such tiles are laid in waterlogged areas, they allow subsoil water to pass through their skeleton.

These drains may be circular, semi-circular or segmental. They are also used to convey irrigation water. Such drain tiles are rarely adopted in modern times

Floor tiles may be square or hexagonal in shape. These are flat tiles and their thickness varies from 12 mm to 50 mm. The size of square tiles varies from 150 mm to 300 mm.

Floor tiles should be hard and compact so that they can resist wear and tear in a better way. Floor tiles with thinner the section can be adapted for ceiling also. To prepare coloured floor tiles, a colouring substance is added to the clay at the time of its preparation. Floor tiles have less compressive strength and can also be used for Cladding (fixing on walls).

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( 3) Roof tiles :

 Roof tiles types


These tiles are used to serve as a cover for a pitched roof. Various types of roof tiles are available in the market. Their important varieties are as follows:

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(i)Allahabad tiles:

Allahabad tiles types


These tiles are made from selected clay. The moulding process of the clay is done in machines under pressure. The burning of these tiles is done in such a way that they attain more strength.

These tiles are provided with projections so that they interlock with each other when placed in position. Tiles of special shapes are made for the valley, hip, and ridge portions of the roof.

(ii) Corrugated tiles:

 Corrugated tiles types


These tiles have corrugations and when they are placed in position, an aside lap of one or two corrugations is formed. The placing of such tiles on a roof gives an appearance of corrugated galvanised iron sheets.

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(iii) Flat tiles:

Flat tiles types


These are ordinary floor tiles. To fix them on battens, two or more holes are provided on their surface. Suitable laps are provided at sides and edges.

(iv) Mangalore tiles:

Mangalore tiles types


These tiles are of flat pattern and they are provided with suitable projections so that they interlock with each other when placed in position. These tiles are red in colour and made of double channelled Basel Mission Manglorc pattern. Special tiles are available for the valley, hip, and ridge
portions of the roof. It is found that about fifteen Mangalore tiles are required for covering one square metre of roof area.

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(v) Pantiles:

These tiles are short and heavy. They are less curved than pot tiles. Pantiles are moulded in flat first by moulding in suitable forms and then they are given the required curvature. The drying and burning of tiles are done carefully to get better quality of tiles.

(vi) Pot tiles :

Pot tiles types


These are ordinary half round country tiles. They are prepared on a potter’s wheel and shape is given to such tiles by a potter with his wet hands. Polishing of inner and outer surfaces are done either with a wet doth or a wetted strip of leather.

These are semi-circular in section and their length is about 20 cm. They are placed on the roof with their concave and convex sides uppermost alternatively. An overlap of at least 80 mm is provided at the edges, where these tiles are used. These tiles are liable to break easily and hence, they require frequent replacement.

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