What are the clay products and refratories in construction

What are the Clay products and refractories in the construction- civillearners

Clay products Definition –

In the case of clay products, clay happens a lot in nature. Soil is a unique product of the chemical climate of igneous rocks. Feldspar is predominant in igneous rocks. One type of feldspar is the orthoclase feldspar. It can be white, gray or pink. When the orthoclase feldspar is abundant in its structure the rocks are easily broken. Therefore, orthoclase feldspar is mainly responsible for clay production in nature. This mineral gives kaolinite, free of iron oxide and alkalis, upon decay. The term kaolin is used to refer to a product that has a composition of pure kaolinite.

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In kaolin, alumina and silica compounds are in an collide state, and these compounds form the basic constituents of all clay. In addition to these compounds, various substances such as calcium and magnesium silicates, iron oxide, free sand, sodium, manganese, chromium are also found in small quantities in clay.
Clay, when produced with a water kick, has a high degree of plasticity and stability. Such plastic clays can be molded into desired shapes. It is then dried and roasted.
It contains water in two forms, namely, (i) free water and (ii) combined water.
(i) Free water:
Free water is carried out during drying. To eliminate chemically combined water, clay is heated to a high tempera­ture. At this stage, chemical changes occur among the constituents of clay, and new products are formed which are hard and compact. Beyond a certain limit of temperature,
clay becomes soft and products lose their shape. This limit of temperature will depend on the clay quality.

Clay products are employed in the construction industry are tiles, terra-cotta, earthenwares, stonewares, porcelain, and bricks.

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