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Stones are obtained from rocks. A rock represents a  definite portion of the earth’s surface. It is not homogeneous. It has no definite chemical composition and shape. Stones are ultimately quarried from rocks has the rocks are the main sources for different types of stones. The properties of stones vary due to change in properties of rocks, Similarly there strength, durability and other such properties.
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It is known as a monomineralic rock if it contains only one mineral and it is known as po!ymineralic rock if it contains several minerals.
Quartz sand, chemically pure gypsum, magnesite, etc. are examples of monomineralic rocks and basalt, granite, etc. are examples of polymineralic rocks.
A mineral indicates a substance having definite chemical composition and molecular structure. It is formed by natural inorganic processes. Such minerals, when combined, form rocks of various types as discussed earlier. Properties of rock are then governed by the properties of minerals present in its structure.
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