The converted timbers should be properly stored. For the purpose of storage, suitable stacks of timber
pieces are formed. The timber pieces are arranged in layers and the layers are separated by wooden spacers. The stock is protected from direct sun, dry wind and rain. 
Storage of timber
The image explains more than the words the timber planks are stacked horizontally or vertically as shown in the fig with hollow space between them.
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The following precautions should be taken while storing:

1. In each layer, an air space of about 25 mm should be maintained between adjacent members.
2. The spacers should be sound, straight and uniform thickness.
3. The longer pieces should be placed in the bottom layers and the shorter pieces should be placed in top
4. The ends of all members should be coated with suitable materials to prevent end-cracking.
5. The platform of stack should be made at least 15 cm higher than the ground.

If the timber is Stored properly It may Serve following Uses:

  • For making doors and windows
  • Used as flooring and roofing material
  • Used for making Furniture
  • Used for making musical instruments
  • Used for making railway coaches
  • For manufacturing papers, card-boards, etc

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