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About me(To all civil engineers Only)

hello friends, You Are at the right place.Invest in your learning To increase your Earning

1)Who I am?

My self Maruthi baddi I am from India (Karnataka) I am a civil engineer and to help all the civil engineers in there problems daily issues in engineering life So, I have taken initiative to solve the problems through the posts.

2)Why am I blogging?

The answer is simply that I want to help others in civil engineering 
,Also there are many websites in the web But,We provide Fully simplified, easier and quality content in our posts U can also join with us if u have any query related to civil field comments are always appreciated and encouraged So, feel free to contact us through the mail and we try to reply as soon as possible. (Ex: there is a question about Explain Concrete mix design? which is very hectic in the textbook but we will simplify and give you the exact meaning Not that only textbooks answers are right we have to explain in such a manner that the whole concept is cleared)

3)What Do we share in this blog Completely?

In this blog we share about civil Engg topics and subjects such as -Material of Constructions, Surveying fully simplified, construction technology, Strength of Materials, water supply engg, Concrete technology, Sanitary Engg, RCC Briefly, Estimation and costing, Transportation and much more 

4)Who I’m writing for?

I’m writing and putting all my efforts from my side to the Civil engineers Who are looking to the clear concepts of civil constructions and related 
plz do me a favour to share my posts with your civil friends 
As sharing is caring
later ill give all my social media links Thank you..

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